MacOS Mojave – Gallery View

MacOS Mojave is out in the wild now and one of my favorite additions is Gallery View. While it may not be the flashiest upgrade and you can achieve it with workarounds it still is a nice new feature.


To get use of this new feature, open a finder window and make sure the Gallery View is initiated.



This will allow you to tab through your files, photographs, etc. You will also get the filename, file size, dimensions (when applicable), as well as created and modified stats.



Some files like photographs will allow you to see even more information about your file.



This can be a real handy way to get additional information without loading into a program like Photoshop, Bridge, etc.



So there you have it, a nice little addition to the OS that will come in handy for many workflows.

Mojave has many under the hood improvements but this and other additions should make this update one that will be popular with users.

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