NES – Life Force – Stage 4 – Is it still good?

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Another Konami classic!! Life Force aka Salamander was released on the NES in North America in 1988. It was another in a long line of hits for Konami and one of my childhood favorites.

This video will feature Stage 4 another Cell Stage. The stage starts out with power ups to be had and then you once again go into a cell like part of a stage. Narrow passage ways and many enemies will result in lots of lost lives if not careful and quick. After a bit the level speeds up and you have to dodge balls all the while not running into anything else. Towards the end of the level the cells will cover the entire screen and you have to be very careful/quick to avoid death. Finally you make it the end and the boss. The boss is a giant skull that shoots missiles at you. You have dodge them and pepper him with shots when his mouth is open. After doing this several times you will defeat him and move to Stage 5.

Mini Review
I still think this game is good. I loved this and Gradius (and most everything Konami came out with) for their fast paced gameplay, great graphics, fun score, etc. These games fit in nicely with your collection and I still enjoy playing them. They are certainly worth another play through on your hacked NES Classic or your favorite emulator.

Life Force playlist is here.

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