NES CLASSIC – Ninja Gaiden – STAGE 1 – Is it any good?

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Ninja Gaiden was released in 1989 on the NES by famed publisher Tecmo. Tecmo made some real good games and Ninja Gaiden was one of its flagships. It had real good, challenging game play and a good story of redemption.

This movie features Stage 1 where we meet Ryu and get to work on the simple mechanics of the game. Its a straight forward level with only a couple of points where multiple enemies are after you. Eventually you make it to the end of the stage and fight the Barbarian. Rapid fire sword strikes and he falls without much resistance.

Mini Review
Game was one of my favorites and it still is very good. The end of the game can be challenging but rewarding. It was a great add to the NES Classic and completing this one will make you want to go through the sequels.

These games are still fun for a quick play through on something like the NES Classic or your favorite emulator.

Ninja Gaiden playlist is here.

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