An old codepen post

We at bluPixel love Browsing great work from highly talented people can be humbling, yet inspirational. Here is a post of mine from a couple years back that got a little love. It’s kid stuff compared to many of the pens that are featured daily but, hey, it’s what I got. See the Pen

Recommended Development Tools

We at bluPixel studio are perpetually tinkering with new tools (new to us at least). Here are our recommendations for a few categories of tools. IDEs and code editors Visual Studio Code This is currently my (Steve) go-to code editor. The IntelliSense code completion is quite nice. The built-in Git support saves time at the

Browser Developer Tools

The browser dev tools are an indispensable part of the front-end web development workflow. They can be very useful for server-side web development as well. The tools provide, generally, a representation of the live DOM, a network monitor, a console (for viewing messages from the browser and entering commands), and various other utilities depending on

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