NES CLASSIC – Super C – STAGE 2 – Is it any good?

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Super Contra was released in January of 1988 by the great Konami publishing house. Konami was on fire at the time with Castlevania, Gradius, and many others. Contra was no exception. It is the sequel to Contra a great game in its own right.

This movie features Stage 2. Bill and Lance are now in the Mind Control Center. This is a top down level and has somewhat different mechanics. You work your way past several mind controlled soldiers and some heavy armory. Soldiers shooting down on you ups the ante as well. After several left and right turns you make it to the end and battle Ultra Tank. Ultra Tank has 3 soldiers mounted firing at you as well as an electrical prong protruding from the front. With some good timing you take it down and move onto the next level.

Mini Review
I still love this game. It was a classic of my youth. I really enjoyed the Konami games of this time period. It is certainly worth a play through if you like the run and gun style of play. Was a nice edition to the NES Classic. Wish the original was on the console as well.

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