NES CLASSIC – MEGA MAN II – WILY CASTLE 04 – Is it still fun?

The NES Classic has 30 games on it from the great NES, but are the games still fun?

This game was originally released on Christmas Eve 1988. It followed the hit original Mega Man and featured even better graphics, music, and longer campaign. It truly was a great platformer. It is now featured on the NES Classic, but is it still fun?

In this video we traverse the fourth level of Wily’s castle. Working out way through this level was a little harder than the previous. We los a life to the spikes before finally remembering to use the leaf shield to navigate the areas. After some battles with Mech Joes we finally make it to the trap. To say I didn’t play this well is an understatement. Misused items several times and had to use 2 energy tanks to finish it off. With that out of the way we finally make it to the iconic boss room where we have to face the robot masters one more time!!

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Mega Man II playlist is here.

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